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Transition Cow Analysis Live Training


It’s no secret that a healthy transition period sets a cow up for success. But what is the best way to measure transition program performance? And how can you align those metrics to real-world examples? Our expert-led Transition Cow Analysis course will focus on:

  • Building and utilizing DairyComp commands to uncover transition cow trends
  • Key data indicators from your transition cow reports
  • Understanding the science behind and interpreting Transition Cow Index and KetoMonitor
  • How to assess and present data findings through an organized, articulate methodology through a case study.

This course is ideal for those who have completed our DairyComp Basics Course or have a foundational understanding of DairyComp commands and analysis functions.

This class is capped at 12 participants to maximize engagement. Additional information will be sent to participants prior to the training. 

Please note: Because seats are limited with each session, no refunds/date changes will be provided within 14 days of first training date. 

This course is ARPAS certified!