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Newborn Calf Care Training

As every calf born on your farm is an opportunity to improve your ROI, newborn calf care is an essential skill for farmers who want to ensure the proper care for the best productivity. Using our program, you’ll learn about everything from handling the calf’s first milk to identifying potential newborn calf problems and how to solve them. Learn all you need to know about the phases of growth of the dairy heifer and the methods of maintaining excellent facilities. Since nutrition plays an important role in ensuring a healthy heifer that’s ready to be bred, it is crucial to understand the right diet that’s optimal for milk production and reproductive efficiency. Find answers to all your questions including how to tell if a newborn calf has nursed or how much milk should a newborn calf drink? Once you have gone through all of our learning material and bovine colostrum studies, you will be empowered to make well-informed decisions when taking care of your young heifers.

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